Dynastar Legend 4800 Skis 2008

8 08 2007

Dynastar Legend 4800 Skis 2008

The 4800’s are a ski I have used on occasion when taking a group out for their first off-piste experiences. They are especially good in spring when the conditions aren’t deep but just variable and you want a ski that turns on a dime and is very easy to use. In fact the 4800 is so easy to use you can almost forget that they are there. the new look has given them a much needed refreshment and they are a great ski for the non-aggressive red to black run skier who wants to do a little exploring away from the groomed slopes but nothing too fast or serious.

The manufacturer says this about the Dynastar Legend 4800 Skis 2008:

Easy skiing on all types of terrain: 74-mm waist
Accessibility, excellent edge grip: Wood construction, fiber sandwich, vertical sidewalls

Excellent skiability: Kick tail.

Technical Level (- to + ): 2 to 4
Terrain (trails to all mountain): 2 to 3.5




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