Dynastar Legend Pro Rider Skis 2008

8 08 2007

Dynastar Legend Pro Rider Skis 2008

The new Legend Pro Rider takes off from the outgoing 8800 of yore. The new Pro Rider has serious intents and can be taken into pretty much any terrain. For the exert skier or pro user such as a ski guide or instructor the Pro Rider will make a trustworthy pair of freeride skis as they are very predictable and strongly constructed. Perhaps not the most agile ski on the market or fun orientated but the Pro Riders get the job of some fast, varied freeriding done without fuss. A serious ski for experienced freeriders.

The manufacturer says this about the Dynastar Legend Pro Rider Skis 2008:

Stability at high speeds: High degree of freeride versatility and performance.
Powerful and effective on all kinds of snow: Designed by the Racing Department, mixed wood-Rohacell core, torsion box, full-length vertical sidewalls, titanal sandwich
Exceptional float in powder: Extra-wide sidecuts, tip shape
Technical Level (- to + ): 3.5 to 5
Terrain (trails to all mountain): 3.5 to 5




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