Boheme Forest Skis 2008

9 08 2007

Boheme Forest Skis 2008

The most versatile skis in the Boheme range, the Forest is now entering their second year and are a great pair of all-terrain skis- you can hit the parks, the piste or the powder with the Forests. With a broad 90 mm waist they will float well and be great back-country skis for all but the fastest and gnarliest freeriders.
As we have come to expect from Boheme the Forest is beautifully crafted and handsomely finished. A stunning pair of all-mountain freeride skis for the discerning advanced to expert skier.

The manufacturer says this about the Boheme Forest Skis 2008:

A backcountry ski. Very fun in the deep powder, a lot of stability at full speed and also a in piste where you can go fast too. Stable in the air, you can use it in terrain-parks and jump huge cliffs too!
A big gun that can ride in all conditions. If you own just one pair of skis you need these!

A quality handcrafted finish.

From the heart of the French Alps we continuously work to develop our products so that your pleasure never stops to perpetuate.

Created in 1998 by extreme sports fanatics, the Boheme brand rates impeccable from its quality and use of forst class materials (cores made from beech tree and poplar,, tri-axial fibres, carbon, kevlar and wooden veneering). Our standards are simple: a state-of-the-art fabrication, top quality products. The final touch is the wooden veneering of the skis and boards.




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