K2 Apache Outlaw Skis 2008

9 08 2007

K2 Apache Outlaw Skis 2008

Still going strong after three or four years of the mould the Outlaws are the most regular of the big mountain-backcountry type skis in the K2 range. Again a very solid and stable feel which is the signature of the Apache range but they do lack a bit of finesse and touch on the snow. If you’re a keen off-piste skier then the Outlaw is ideal and can also cope well with some groom run action but the weight, the style of ski that the Outlaw suits is the strong, heavier type who loves speed and setting a ski in its arc and riding it out, they aren’t the most playful ski in the K2 range.
70/ 30 off-piste to piste bias.

The manufacturer says this about the K2 Apache Outlaw Skis 2008:

Apache Outlaw
The most versatile, highest performing ski built for adventurous experts seeking first tracks. An impressive 88mm waist width with progressive sidecut gives it exceptional performance in powder. The metal laminate, and M1 system keeps the ski stable and quiet when lapping the groomers.
Dimensions: 124/88/111
Ungroomed/Groomed: 70% / 30%
Radius: 20m@174
Construction: Titan Metal Laminate
Core: Fir / Aspen
Sizes: 167, 174, 181
Binding Options: K2/Marker Piston M1 14.0/12.0
Features: Mod Monic, Mod Technology, Progressive Sidecut




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