K2 Apache Recon Skis 2008

9 08 2007

K2 Apache Recon Skis 2008

Faithful skis of many an advanced to expert all-mountain skier. K2’s almost flagship Apache ski is one of the most popular and versatile skis around for all terrain, all snow action. Solid, reliable and with good but definitely a planted feel for the snow the Apache Recon is a great ski for multi-faceted alpine skiing. Again featuring a fir and aspen wood-core from K2’s own plantations the ski has a smooth ride at expert level speeds on crud and poor condition snow- BUT. As much as I appreciate this ski I would much rather have the fun, the attitude and the playability of a ski like the Seth for backcountry fun and a second pair for more piste performance.

An excellent package nonetheless for 50/ 50 performance on and off piste.

The manufacturer says this about the K2 Apache Recon Skis 2008:

Apache Recon
Built as a tool for any condition, the Recon is comfortable on firm snow and fresh powder. Its unmatched versatility is achieved with a perfect blend of waist and tip width, and sidecut. This powerful ski performs exceptionally well in all conditions and terrain.
Dimensions: 119/78/105
Ungroomed/Groomed: 50% / 50%
Radius: 18m@174
Construction: Titan Metal Laminate
Core: Fir / Aspen
Sizes: 160, 167, 174, 181
Binding Options: K2/Marker Piston M1 14.0/12.0
Features: Mod Monic, Mod Technology




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