K2 Factory Public Enemy Skis 2008

9 08 2007

K2 Factory Public Enemy Skis 2008

Immensely popular with seasonaire skiers- a real performer of the freestyle skis and one of the most commercial skis out there. The Public Enemies are now the stuff of legend. For the young aggressive freestyle orientated skier many of them wouldn’t take much else- other than a pair of Amplids, Factions or Lines but the PE’s are the daddies of many of those skis. On-snow though I find they are extremely difficult to ski- perhaps they are much different in their chosen environment of park and pipe but I found them very difficult to arc, the tail incredibly stiff and my knees- for the first time in my skiing career- were in aching like mad.
Perhaps I am wrong and the PE’s are great allrounders- the constructions and dimensions would certainly suggest so but I find them a very difficult ski to live with- even in comparison to my favourite 192 cm GS skis!

The manufacturer says this about the K2 Factory Public Enemy Skis 2008:

The PE was designed and tested by our Factory Team riders as the ideal park and pipe ski with all-mountain versatility. Built with an 85mm waist width, new urethane sidewalls underfoot and the stiffest torsion flex construction in the twin tip line makes stomping landings or ripping around the entire mountain with added confidence and stability.
Dimensions: 118/85/109
Radius: 20m @ 179
Construction: Torsion Box Sidewall
Core: Fir
Sizes: 159, 164, 169, 174, 179
Features: Twin Tip, Triaxial Braided Core, ABS/ Urethane Hybrid Sidewall, Tip and Tail Rivets, 3.5mm Edges




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