K2 Pontoon Skis 2008 right ski

9 08 2007

K2 Pontoon Skis 2008 right ski

Entering their second year the K2 Pontoons are no less than a very impressive pair of powder skis for those days when the snow is clipping your chin, deeper than you can feel and you feel like there is nothing on the planet more satisfying than being covered from the bob of your hat to the tip of your Pontoons in champagne powder- these are the sort of skis that make dreams reality. IF! you can get the conditions. If you don’t have the conditions forget about them, leave them in the cupboard and grab something a little more humane and versatile- your Seth’s for instance!
Reverse cambered, immense dimensions, allegedly immense when the snow is profound, this should be one hell of a pair of skis- I can’t wait to try ’em!

The manufacturer says this about the K2 Pontoon Skis 2008 right ski:

The mad scientist, Shane McConkey helped engineers develop the ultimate powder tool. With its massive dimensions, surf-inspired rocker, and powder specifics sidecut, this ski is built to plane. Incorporating a standard sidecut underfoot for control and stability for navigating back to the trailhead or heli, the Pontoon is the perfect powder tool.
Dimensions: 160/130/120
Ungroomed/Groomed: 99% / 1%
Radius: N/A
Construction: Torsion Box
Core: Fir / Aspen
Sizes: 169, 179, 189




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