K2 T9 True Luv Skis 2008

9 08 2007

K2 T9 True Luv Skis 2008

With 72 mm underfoot the recreational blue to red tun skier will feel somewhat more comfortable in deeper snow with the true Luv’s. They are an easy to use ski with lots of tolerance built in, they are for aggressive skiers, just regular skiers who love the mountains and wish to explore a little further than the piste boundaries without heading onto to any terrain that’s too steep.

A nice pair of skis for the majority of female holiday/ recreational skiers.

The manufacturer says this about the K2 T9 True Luv Skis 2008:

True Luv
Perfect for the recreational skier, the True Luv is easily managed and forgiving. Its Bioflex core, and 72mm waist width offers versatility to ski variable terrain. Integrated with the M2 binding system, the Tru Luv is the perfect tool to quickly advance any skier to the next level.
Dimensions: 119/72/103
Ungroomed/Groomed: 40% / 60%
Radius: 13m@160




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