Stockli, Rotor, 76, 2008 Skis

10 08 2007

Stockli, Rotor, 76, 2008 Skis

The bigger of the two Rotor skis- I think the idea of the use of the name Rotor was in its sense as a palindrome but the Rotor skis are no longer fully-twin-tipped. They do turn-up at the tails though and this helps to release the tail of the ski earlier in the turn- something which benefits the intermediate skier or advanced skier if they are in difficulties I guess. So a versatile all-terrain ski (there are so many of them this year!) and suited to the good intermediate to advanced or even expert skier (now there’s a surprise).
Does what it says but if you have the chance to try a pure piste performance ski then a proper back-country ski you’ll be much happier!

The manufacturer says this about the Stockli, Rotor, 76, 2008 Skis:

Multi-condition ski for groomed slopes, powder and all other conditions in-between.




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