Stockli, Sinox, Pro, 2008 Skis

10 08 2007

Stockli, Sinox, Pro, 2008 Skis

The Sinox Pro heads up the intermediate range for piste skiers from Stockli. They claim the Pro’s are suitable for beginners to medium level skiers. This is true- although the beginner wouldn’t really initially appreciate the benefits of being on and quite carvy and sporty ski, but if you are in good shape and want to start to learn skiing quickly and progress rapidly then a ski like the Sinox Pro will help you. For the intermediate to advanced skier you will also find the Pro quite a sporty ski with good levels of grip, sidecut and enough power to give you some acceleration out of your turns and power you down the reds. A nice, versatile and quality-looking ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Stockli, Sinox, Pro, 2008 Skis:

Performance orientated all-mountain ski.

Level- beginner to medium.

149 cm – 170 cm.




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