Stockli, Stormrider, XXL, 2008 Skis

10 08 2007

Stockli, Stormrider, XXL, 2008 Skis

The Stormrider XXL’s are powerful skis for real all-mountain skiing at speed- so why put that bloody binding on them! They should be fitted with a "Driver" style binding from Salomon and not the cheap and cheerful "Z" model- a real shame. Nonetheless the ski is great, I just wouldn’t want to be hitting the back-country at speed or taking to many airs with a pair of essentially intermediate to advanced bindings on that aren’t designed for fast, aggressive skiing.
A fantastic all-mountain to back-country ski for the expert skier sadly in need of a different binding- see if you can have another option fitted like the STH 16.

The manufacturer says this about the Stockli, Stormrider, XXL, 2008 Skis:

Freeride ski for long turns in powder.

Advanced to expert.

162 cm – 186 cm.




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