Lacroix, LXS, Skis 2008

16 08 2007

Lacroix, LXS, Skis 2008

Available in four differing permutations the LXS is a versatile and agile ski for the advanced to expert skier. A good client and friend of many years skied on the LXS for much of the remainder of last season and loved the versatility, the ease of control and the general cruiseiness of the Lacroix.

With a titanium finish and simple graphics the LXS’s are understated and stylish in the way that Prada can be in some forms. From a rapid short turning slalom ski 11m radius in the 160 length to the big mountain freeride ski of the 187 cm length the LXS should have something to offer most skiers with a deep pocket and an eye for something a little more hand crafted.

The manufacturer says this about the Lacroix, LXS, Skis 2008:

LXS is a four model range for sports skiing.




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