Indigo Alpine Skis 2008

31 08 2007

Indigo Alpine Skis 2008

Beautifully made and exquisite to ride Indigo skis. Hand-made in a small seven person company in Munich, Germany the Indigo range features six principle styles of ski served in differing yet stunning detail.

The "Carving" is split into two groups with either the short, snappy and slalom-esque 155 & 165 models, whilst the strong 175 and 185 lengths are almost full-blown GS race skis with 21 m side-cuts that pretty much adhere to FIS racing rules.

The "Allmountain" models are relatively tame in the 162 and 172 lengths but the 182 is designed for expert skiers and the sorts of people that have the opportunity to head out of the city for the weekend and put some turns in on their favourite hill.

The "Big Mountain"" is also available in three lengths and provides a stylish alternative to some of the more crass Freeride skis out there.

One of my favourite skis of the last two seasons, the Twintip Boa, it a fabulously versatile and sublimely attractive pair of skis. They are without a doubt the most stunning pair of skis when you see them either in the rack or on the snow. Now available in three different lengths, 175 to a pretty full-on 195 cm.

All new for 2008 is the Boa King. At 191 cm they are aimed at Big Mountain Freeride. All the dimensions, 132-104-123 mm and a 30m turning radius, and the hand-made sandwich constructions are there for a fabulous ski- with looks, a construction and their firm but pliable flex I would be astonished if they didn’t give you one of the best powder rides out there.

Check out the individual Indigo reviews for more info.

The manufacturer says this about the Indigo Alpine Skis 2008:

Sports couture.

The innate value of our products consists of our specially developed tip-to-tail woodcores which, through delicate harmony between outer glass and titanal layers set new standards in ski construction. Phenol sidewalls and nano-high speed running bases have their origin in racing, making each and every Indigo ski a piece of high-end sports equipment.

The unique combination of aesthetic minimalism and perfect workmanship is revealed in every detail. Come and discover our world.




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