Indigo Twintip Boa Ski 2008

31 08 2007

Indigo Twintip Boa Ski 2008

Surely one of the most beautiful skis ever made. The Boa freeride/style ski is aesthetically stunning, wonderfully constructed (by hand in Munich, Germany) and should be one of the most versatile all-mountain skis for the expert skier. Available in very useable 175 and 185 lengths or the very Big Mountain inspired 195 model for fast back country action and big airs. I’m no freestyler and am not particularly keen on riding in Parks when there are whole mountains to be ridden but the Boa is a ski that I would be happy to spend a lot of time on in virtually any condition.

Superb, expensive but worth it.
5/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Indigo Twintip Boa Ski 2008:

175- 185- 195 cm

Sports couture.

The innate value of our products consists of our specially developed tip-to-tail woodcores which, through delicate harmony between outer glass and titanal layers set new standards in ski construction. Phenol sidewalls and nano-high speed running bases have their origin in racing, making each and every Indigo ski a piece of high-end sports equipment.

The unique combination of aesthetic minimalism and perfect workmanship is revealed in every detail. Come and discover our world.




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